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Resolution/ Native:1920×1200 (WUXGA)
Brightness (typical)/
6,000 centre lumens (5,600 ANSI lumens average)
Contrast Ratio/
4400:1 (1150:1 full on / full off)

Continuous 24/7 Operation
WU630 is designed for 24/7 operation. Only the most reliable, industry proven components are used to ensure superior reliability. This hard-earned capability has been meticulously developed over a decade of designing and supporting millions of projectors the world over. The dust-sealed, filter-free design prevents dust and dirt from affecting the system ensuring optimal image quality with minimal maintenance.
Precision Optics
High quality glass optical elements maintain optimum sharpness and focus uniformity over the entire image. Select from a range of five premium-quality lenses, including short throw, wide zoom and long throw options. All have motorised shift, zoom and focus mechanisms, for easy and accurate adjustment after initial installation.


Installation Flexibility
To meet the challenges of Pro AV installations, WU630 offers five lens options, to accurately deliver the required image size. Motorised lens shift makes it easy to position the image exactly where you want it, while a choice of two different color wheels allows the right balance of color and brightness for any application.
Lamp Pulsing Technology
Advanced lamp-pulsing technologies enable color performance to be fine-tuned directly from the lamp. This unprecedented control helps to create vibrant, perfectly saturated colors across the whole light spectrum. The result is stunningly accurate, natural looking images.


360° Projection Capability
Images can be projected over a full 360° range along the vertical axis, including reproduction on a ceiling or floor.
System Integration Control
Multiple WU630 projectors can be monitored over the LAN and can also send an email alert via Crestron RoomView in the event of an error or a lamp failure. Projector status can be monitored via a web browser, while Extron IP Link, AMX Device Discovery and PJ-Link protocols offer remote management of most functions across a network, keeping you in control wherever you are.
Edge Blending Controls
No two projectors are completely identical. When performing edge-blend projects using multiple projectors, it can be difficult to achieve good results if the images do not match. The WU1500 incorporates the following features to ensure high quality and consistent results:
Color Matching
WU630 has a full 3-axis color matching system, which can create seamless blends every time.
Brightness Matching
To correctly match multiple units, the WU630 has ten lamp power steps between 80% and 100% of full brightness. This helps to achieve balanced brightness levels between adjacent projectors.
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