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ProScene Series Projectors
For more than ten years, Optoma has been at the forefront of projector design and manufacture - one of the very few companies that focuses exclusively on projectors. Today, Optoma has the ability to integrate professional projector sales, large-screen imaging application, and system solutions. In system integration solution, we are a professional and specialized in the planning, design, construction, and verification of total solutions.
The Optoma ProScene range represents the evolution of projection expertise, honed and refined by manufacturing and supporting millions of projectors the world over. This knowledge and skill has been distilled into the ProScene range of products and support services, which are designed specifically for demanding professional applications:
Higher education Broadcast studios Live events
Lecture theatres Large classrooms Projection Mapping
Houses of worship Exhibitions Meeting rooms
Museums Conference rooms Post production
Auditoriums Digital signage Theatre
Boardrooms Stage shows Trade shows
Optoma ProScene Solutions
Optoma ProScene solutions combine multi-angle projection, blending and warping, holographic projection, physical object projection mapping, 3D projection, and stacking projection technologies. Also with consistent project planning, design, construction, and verification together with multimedia content, interactive design, digital environment control, and other technologies, we can fulfill the needs of each project with perfect interpretation to bring audiences with unprecedented experience!