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Resolution/ Dual native resolution
(1) WXGA (1280x768), (2) 720p (1280x720)

Brightness (typical)/
1100 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio/
6000 :1 (with Image AIä ON)

Texas Instruments latest DLP DarkChip3™ technology
 Increases contrast ratio by 20-25% than DarkChip2

Optoma exclusive ImageAIä technology
Optoma's unique ImageAIä technology displays darker image that are common in traditional projectors with richer details. With DarkChip3ä, HD73 has an exceptional contrast ratio of 6000:1.

TrueVivid™ image processing & 3rd generation color gamma
With TrueVivid™ image processing, the picture quality is enhanced for veritable video fidelity, delivering even better
3-dimensional images.

Incorporated state-of-the-art Faroudja DCDi video processor
The processor delivers smoother and dynamic pictures without artifacts.

TrueVision™ technology
TrueVision™ technology improves cross-coloring and eliminates jagged edges, allowing the projector to deliver cinema-like images with exceptional picture quality.

• Film Mode processing :
Optimal image de-interlacing for film-like motion video
performance for a truly cinematic experience.
• Edge-Adaptive Interpolation :
High performance video enhancement ensures that lines and
edges are smooth regardless of their position on the screen.
• 3D video noise reduction filters :
Practically eliminate any image "noise" resulting in
crystal-clear video.

Extensive connector options
Multiple input / output options allow a wide variety of source signals to be connected to HD73.

Photocatalysis (O2air™) technology
Purifies air, giving users a more comfortable environment.

6-segment color wheel
Provides saturated and vibrant colors