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Resolution/ 1920×1080 (native on 1080i/p)
Brightness (typical)/
1,000 Lumens
Contrast Ratio/
500,000 :1
(MAX/ with Dynamic Black)

Enormous Pure Engine IVGeneration

Superior LED Technology
LED technology delivers enhanced image quality with a wide color gamut, superior color saturation and outstanding brightness. The intense yet accurate colors produce an image of exceptional quality. Also LED technology provides consistent brightness and color performance, maintaining the high image quality throughout its lifetime. The brightness perception enables HD91 to comfortably render screen sizes far higher than its ANSI brightness specifications would suggest. Also, this enables HD91 to handle low levels of ambient light with far less impact on image quality than lamp based systems.

Dynamic Black IV Generation
Dynamic Black IV smoothly adjusts the lamp output automatically, based on the brightness information of each frame; to create a stunning contrast ratio. Bright scenes are crisp and clear, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks which gives exceptional light and shade detail.

Real 2D to 3D Technology
2D to 3D technology is the process of transforming 2D ("flat") film to 3D form; Real 2D to 3D technology is measuring the timeline of each film and dividing image to multiple layers, in order to define the image to real 3D image, and solve the distorted situation.

Optoma Pure Lens
To fulfill the needs of super high definition, Optoma has developed two high quality Pure Lens, short throw and long throw lens; These two lens converge problems of chromatic aberration and optimize coating to remove the appearance of ghost and flare at any focal length; the lens can get sharper images, more specific details and color rendering. Also, the full lens shift function is making the installation more convenient.

Extensive connector options
Multiple input / output options allow a wide variety of source signals to be connected to HD91

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