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Resolution/ 1080p (1920x1080)
Brightness (typical)/
2500 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio/

Full HD 1080p
With the latest Texas Instruments 0.65" Full HD 1080p DMD chipset makes home theater a reality. A native resolution of 1080p means over 2 million individual pixels at your command. That is more than twice as much detail as a 720p projector.
Rich color processing technology
10-bit DNX Rich Color Processing technology increases the number of colors that can be displayed from 16 million to over 1 billion by offering 4 times the color information for each pixel.

LAI technology
Low angle edges are inherent in all pixelated displays. Primitive algorithms simply "paint" images by crudly placing pixels.

Still images and moving images need to be processed differently to avoid combing effect.

True 10-bit digital processing
The most advanced 10-bit HDMI technology adds high definition color to high definition images producing stunningly natural, vibrant color.
Industry leading ANSI contrast for incredible images
ANSI Contrast is a way of measuring the true "real world" contrast performance you can expect from a projector. With an ANSI ratio significantly higher than many LCD, LCOS, or SXRD based projectors, the HD23 is the only choice for Home Cinema purists that expect the ultimate image fedelity in their home.

Auto Reactive Iris & Optoma exclusive ImageAI™ II technology
The Auto Iris works to maximize image contrast - ensuring the deepest blacks and brightest whites.

Optoma exclusive TrueVivid™ technology
With TrueVivid™ technology, the picture quality is enhanced for veritable video fidelity, including better depth and deeper 3D look to any image.

Incorporated the latest PW392 data processor from Pixelworks
The PW392 supports 9-bit image processing producing clean and clear pictures. Also this chip carries motion adaptive de-interlacing and reverse 3:2 and 2:2 pull down functions that results in smoother images.

Wide angle zoom lens
The lens is able to deliver sharp and accurate images at a short distance which is convenient for users living in tight space.

Complete I/O support