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Resolution/ Dual native resolution

Brightness (typical)/
2500 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio/

Texas Instruments' latest DarkChip2ä DMD with a 16:9 WXGA (1280×768) resolution 
WXGA offers 1.25 times more pixel count than a normal XGA chip and therefore provides the finer images
Dual true resolution support
The most "dual use" projector designed for the office and the home theater:
(1) 16:10 (1280×768), native on WXGA
(2) 16:9 (1280×720), native 720p HDTV compatible

Incorporated the latest Texas instruments’ DDP3020 professional video processor
This processor has motion adaptive de-interlacing and reverse 3:2 and 2:2 pull down functions, which delivers smoother images.  It also supports 12-bit gamma correction, I/P conversions and LVDS interface for high speed RLDRAM producing clean and clear pictures.

TrueVivid™ Image Processing
With TrueVivid™ Image Processing and Optoma exclusive Color Gamma Adjustment, the image quality is enhanced for veritable video fidelity, including better depth and deeper 3D look to any image.

TrueVision™ Technology

TrueVision™ technology improves cross-coloring and eliminates jagged edges, allowing the projector to deliver cinema-like images with extraordinary picture quality.

1. Film mode:Optimal image de-interlacing for film-like motion video performance for a truly cinematic experience.

2. Edge-adaptive interpolation:High performance video enhancement ensures that lines and edges are smooth regardless of their position on the screen. 

3.  3D video Noise Reduction Filters:Built-in filters practically eliminate any image“noise”and results in crystal-clear video.

Extensive connector options (include DVI digital interface)
Pin number security

Remote control with laser pointer & wireless mouse function.