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Resolution/ Native resolution 1280x720, support up to 1080p capability
Contrast Ratio/
5000 :1 (with Image AI™ ON)

Advanced Texas Instruments DarkChip2ä 720p DMD
A high resolution of 16:9 720p (1280x720) chipset to deliver true widescreen HD images.

6-segment color wheel
Provide more saturated and subtle colors.

Optoma exclusive TrueVivid™ technology
TrueVivid™ technology enhances color intensity and improves color tone, image death, amd fray scale to deliver the most vibrant look to any image.

Optoma exclusive ImageAI™ technology
This adjusts light intensity output to deliver darker images with richer details and also creates remarkable contrast levels.


Optoma TrueVivid™ Image Processing
TrueVivid™ processing enhances image quality by increasing the death of field for natural realistic looking images.

True 10-bit digital processing
The most advanced 10-bit HDMI technology adds high definition color to high definition images, producing stunningly natural and vibrant color.

Comprehensive Connectivity
With near silent operation, 2 digital HD inpts, 2 Analog inputs*, a 12 volt screen trigger and the option to remotely control via the RS232 interface, Home Cinema automation is complete.

*via VGA component adaptor.