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Optoma Introduces New Ultra-Portable Digital Projectors

The Optoma EP1691 and EP7155 Deliver Amazing Performance with Road Tested Durability

Optoma Corporation (November 13, 2007) – Optoma, a leading award-winning digital projection system company, today introduced the latest ultra-portable projectors, the EP1691 and the EP7155. These new ultra-portable projectors are the ultimate presentation travel tool and deliver superior performance.

At 3.2 pounds and a native 16:9 aspect ratio, the Optoma EP1691 delivers the picture quality and widescreen pixel matching for today’s 16:9 notebooks. Stylish and lightweight, the EP1691 takes laptop content to large screen presentations easily without having to re-adjust notebook settings. The Optoma EP7155 also weighs 3.2 pounds and boasts 2500 lumens of brightness. With native XGA (1024x768) resolution, the EP7155 is the brilliant presentation travel tool.

With a DLP® chipset by Texas Instruments, the Optoma EP1691 and EP7155 project the high-impact, high-quality images needed to make presentations stand out. These powerful projectors deliver higher brightness level and provide truer, more vibrant colors to the picture on display.

 EP1691 Features
Native 16:9 aspect ratio and WXGA resolution
Brightness of 2500 lumens and a 2500:1 contrast rati
Features DLP® technology from Texas Instruments
Connections include: Digital Video/HDMI, VGA-In, S-Video, Composite Video, USB, Audio-In

 EP7155 Features
2500 lumens with 2500:1 contrast ratio
Native XGA (1024x768) resolution and HD compatible
Connectivity options include: Digital Video/HDMI, VGA-In, S-Video, Composite Video and USB
Ideal presentation remote with laser pointer and page advance features

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