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Optoma Debuts the HD3000 Video Enhancement Processor for Picture-Perfect Display Systems

Denver , CO ( Sept. 14, 2006 ) – Optoma, one of the leading manufacturers of digital projection and display devices, today introduced the company's first video enhancement processor, the HD3000 . Designed to optimize and boost image quality from home theater displays, the Optoma HD3000 converts most video sources to the most favorable resolution of the user's display, up to 1080p resolution.

The Optoma HD3000 is an advanced video processor/scaler that allows users to create the best possible image from their video source. From color management and advanced edge-enhancement and de-interlacing, as well as 10-bit video processing and image scaling up to 1080p, the HD3000 is a studio-grade, professional processor that will convert video sources to the best resolution possible.

With a full-range of adjustments for both digital and analog inputs, the Optoma HD3000 provides the power and control that is suitable for the most demanding video source. The HD3000 delivers an advanced three-stage process flow – decoding, image enhancement and color reproduction – that offers impressive, personalized adjustment settings at each stage.

Designed for function with black metal casing, a low profile and a flip-down front panel, the HD3000 features an abundance of advanced connectivity options. With 10-bit color per channel color processing, the Optoma HD3000 delivers great color saturation and subtle color details for the best image quality. Powered by the Gennum VXP, the Optoma HD3000 is one of the highest quality processors/motion adaptive HD de-interlacers currently in the market.

The Optoma HD3000 offers the same resolution of modern digital movies, presenting an amazing home theater experience. If the home theater system does not have a true 1080p source, the HD3000's studio-grade processing and the motion adaptive HD de-interlacer will flawlessly convert the content to 1080p.


Image scaler Gennum VXP solutions
Video Compatibility NTSC, PAL, SECAM, HDTV (720p, 1080i), EDTV (480p), SDTV (480i), 576i/p
I/O Connectors Three HDMI™ + One External HDMI expansion, Two RBGHV/Component (BNC), Two RCA Component, Three S-Video, Three Composite, One VGA ( RGB /YPbPr/SCART), One RS-232, Two 12V Triggers, One IR port extension



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