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Optoma Introduces its Anamorphic Lens for a True Cinematic 2.35:1 Image from Home Theater Projectors

The Optoma Anamorphic Lens Kit Offers a Complete Widescreen Solution; Ideal for Optoma's HD81 1080p Projection System

Las Vegas (January 8, 2007) – Optoma, one of the leading manufacturers of digital projection and display devices, today introduced its Anamorphic Lens option for home theater projectors. The BX-AL133 anamorphic lens by Optoma is a complete kit that allows users to easily create a super-widescreen, 2.35:1 image in their own home theater setting.

The Optoma BX-AL133 anamorphic lens converts a native 16:9 image to 2.35:1 cinema widescreen image. The lens eliminates the black bars commonly visible on a 16:9 screen when playing a DVD formatted to the 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

Optoma's anamorphic lens is fully layered with optical coatings that minimize chromatic aberrations and astigmatism, and is made up of 100% glass. The BX-AL133 lens also generates a brighter image – up to 30 percent – than without the lens, due to the fact that all the light energy and pixels are used for the entire 2.35:1 image.

Ideally suited to work with the Optoma HD81 home theater projection system, the BX-AL133 anamorphic lens is fully motorized and works with the HD81's 12V trigger control. The HD81's Auto235 mode can automatically detect between 16:9 or 2.35:1 content and format the image, while moving the lens to the correct position in a few seconds.

When using the BX-AL133 with other home theater projectors, the lens positions and image aspect ratios can be changed by using the IR remote control.

The complete kit includes the anamorphic lens, a bracket for the lens, ceiling mount adapter plate, a motorized, remote-control sled for the lens, as well as upgradeable firmware.

The Optoma BX-AL133 will be available in February 2007 for an estimated street price of $3,999 through authorized Optoma dealers. Optoma is also offering an HD81/BX-AL133 bundle for an estimated street price of $9,999.

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