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Product: HD33
“...the Optoma HD33 is a fantastic projector for the money and the performance was so good, especially in 3D, that we had to remind ourselves of how cheap it was. If you're looking for a projector that combines a great 2D image with excellent 3D performance at a price point lower than most TVs, then we suggest you take a look at the HD33 because it is a deserved winner of an AVForums Best Buy badge.”
Audio Video HD - September 2011
Product: HD33
“The Optoma HD33 has just taken first place in our classification of 3D projectors due to its RF module and the complete absence of ghosting, flickering and other complaints about 3D projection.”
audiovision - December 2011
Product: HD83
“Optoma’s HD83 succeeds in a flexible and bright DLP projection, and scores with a brilliant ANSI contrast as well as well preset colours. The rechargeable wireless glasses and the high luminous efficiency are appealing in the 3D cinema. With competitors you would have to fork out considerably more Euros, which is why the HD83 gets a "Best Value" from us.”
AV Forums - March 2011
Product: HD87
“a compelling projector that needs to be auditioned by anyone looking at a DLP in this price range, we can now fully assess the HD87’s picture quality and it is a very good performer, the HD87 does offer an excellent performance for its price point”
AV News - January 2011
Product: HD87
"Best Home Cinema Projector Brand" - “Over the years Optoma has worked hard to establish its standard home entertainment and ThemeScene branded home cinema models in the affections of consumers”.
Projector Central - December 2009
Product: HD86
“The HD8600 [HD86] is, without a doubt, the finest high-end projector from Optoma so far...With an HD8600 and a good calibration, you are well on your way to some of the finest HD home theater money can buy.”
Projector - Aug 2009
Product: HD20
“Optoma HD20 projector does a reasonably impressive job when it comes to image quality.”
Projector central - Aug 2009
Product: HD20
“The HD20 brings 1080p projection to its lowest price point yet, while maintaining great image quality that's ideal for home entertainment. We are thrilled with the HD20's picture quality for the price, and have no problem awarding it 5 stars for Value.”
Computer Buyer Magazine - May 2008
Product: HD65
“the pint-sized Optoma HD65 is a simply stunning budget projector...”
HD Review Magazine - April 2008
Product: HD65
“Compared to some more expensive units the HD65 performed superbly; it’s perfect for a quick setup.”
Smartlife Magazine - April 2008
Product: HD80
“...not only will it revolutionise your viewing and look slick whilst doing so, it’s also eminently affordable...”
T3 Magazine UK - December 2007
Product: HD73
“Do you know what this is worth? It makes home cinema heaven a place on earth.” T3 Group test winner Christmas 2007.
What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision - October 2007
Product: HD80
An excellent buy, the full HD HD80 offers terrific results with HD video, including 1080p 24fps, but also shines with standard-def DVD.
What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision- October 2007
Product: HD80
it’s a great projector at a good price: you really ought to check it out.
Home Cinema Choice - September 2007
Product: HD80
“Excellent depth and clarity with 1080p sources: remarkable value” Resolution for the people…
Personal Computer World - September 2007
Product: DV11
“The MovieTime DV11 is a truly mobile movie theatre that will make you rethink the idea of a projector at home” Chris Cain, Personal Computer Word
SVM - April 2007
Product: HD70
Le HD70 est récompensé par SVM. « Elu SVM » pour son excellente qualité d’image, ses nombreuses possibilités de réglage, son faible niveau sonore, et son faible encombrement.
What Home Cinema - April 2007
Product: HD81
The level of depth is unsurpassed with no visible artefacts or lines...breathtaking “full” HD pictures. What Home Cinema - April 2007
PCW - April 2007
Product: HD73
Despite being tiny, the HD73 delivers image quality that’s a cut above anything else in its price range...PCW April 2007. PCW and The Editors Choice logos are the trademark of VNU Business Publications.
Custom PC - April 2007
Product: HD70
An HD projector for the masses – Custom PC April 2007
Audiovision - February 2007
Product: HD81
Audiovision Ausgabe 03/07
VIDEO - March 2007
Product: HD81
"Optomas Komponentenlösung zeigt ein knackscharfes, lebendiges Bild" VIDEO Ausgabe 02/07
Product: EP716R
AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD Ausgabe 01/07 Testergebniss: befriedigend
Cinema Chez Soi - January 2007
Product: HD70
Cinema Chez Soi magazine -France 2007